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Whether you’re a regular online poker player thinking of switching to the cryptocurrency, or a bitcoin enthusiast who wants to try out some online poker, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Bitcoin Poker Rooms we review and compare the top poker sites on the web that accept bitcoin, so you can discover the right platform to get playing on. Bitcoin novices can find out useful information here on how to start playing poker with the digital currency, or those confident in their bitcoin poker knowledge can find the site which suits them best.

Bitcoin has the potential to revolutionise the online poker game entirely. Using bitcoin allows for increased anonymity, instantaneous banking transactions and players’ winnings have the capacity to increase momentously as the value of bitcoin rises. The advantages of using bitcoin include being exposed to a more unique player pool, making for a more interesting poker experience. For more bitcoin benefits, have a look at our Pros and Cons of Bitcoin.

There are several different ways of playing online poker with the digital currency. Firstly, there is the most straightforward option, which is to head directly to a bitcoin  poker sites and deposit your bitcoin into an account with a platform like the popular Betcoin or the less widely known, Seals With Clubs website. A few few mainstream poker sites have begun accepting bitcoin as a form of currency, such as the popular Americas Cardroom, Blackchip Poker, RedStar Poker and Full Flush. In addition to this, some other poker sites will accept bitcoin though the use of established e-wallets such as Neteller – those in this category include the high street bookmaker William Hill, and Titan Poker.

So how is playing online poker with bitcoin different to playing with cash? For the most part, the general game remains the same but there are a few major differences, most notably the buying of chips. One bitcoin tends to get broken down into seemingly tiny amounts, like 0.00000001 of a bitcoin for a poker chip, making the table slightly confusing but many bitcoin friendly poker sites will allow bitcoin deposits in euro chips to simplify things. Either that, or the site will equate larger amounts of chips with 1 bitcoin, for instance Seals With Clubs denote 1000 poker chips as 1BTC. Another key difference is the act of transferring funds; players will find that the speed of making deposits and withdrawals is vastly improved when dealing in bitcoin. To start with, players need to acquire a bitcoin wallet to make transactions and familiarise themselves with the workings of a bitcoin exchange. Once these simple steps are taken, online poker players will find that their banking transactions have gone from being lengthy to instantaneous, and stressful to hassle-free.

Bitcoin Poker Rooms have reviewed some of the most popular sites for players to try out:

A highly popular all-round gambling site which launched online poker room in 2010 and is currently the third largest online poker site which accepts US players, without any state restrictions.

One of the most widely used poker sites for online players worldwide which began accepting bitcoin last year. Americas Cardroom claims to be the most trusted poker room on the web since 2001.

The flagship poker site on the Equity Poker Network, Full Flush has been providing online poker services since 2013.

Launched by Betcoin Sportsbook in 2013, Betcoin Poker is one of the newest online poker sites out there and has steadily grown into an increasingly popular choice for bitcoin poker players.