• Bryan Micon Pleads Guilty In Bitcoin Poker Case

    Bryan Micon, founder of popular bitcoin poker website Seals with Clubs, has agreed to a plea deal with Nevada’s authorities relating to his charge for operating an illegal poker room from Las Vegas between 1st March and 9th February this year.

    Micon agreed to a guilty plea in an effort to avoid jail time, and consented to paying $25,000 fine to spare himself the maximum penalty of up to 10 years in prison as well as a possible $50,000 fine.  The deal also reduced the crime classification from felony to gross misdemeanour, allowing Micon to retain his US citizenship rights.

    In a police raid in February this year, gaming authorities seized 3.0996 bitcoins from his home and Micon subsequently fled to Antigua along with his family to avoid prosecution. He returned to the Nevada in June for his court appearance and agreed to remain in the state until his probation period had ended.

    Micon’s unlawful activities first came to the attention of the authorities when a Belgian resident filed a complaint with the Gaming Control Board regarding the Seals with Clubs website in August last year. The website was discovered to be illegally making profit in excess of $10,000 each month before it was consequently  shut down.  According to Nevada’s attorney general, Micon had operated and conducted an illegal gambling site, as he had not procured the correct licenses before launching it, or maintained the required documentation while running the site.

    In their investigation of the allegation the police raided Micon’s home which he vociferously objected to, stating that it been a serious violation of his personal freedom.  He claims he did not commit any wrongdoing as he confident about the legitimacy of the Seals with Clubs activities when in charge of the site. The case is believed to be the first of its kind within Nevada.

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