• New Bitcoin Sites In 2015

    The online gambling industry saw the arrival of some new bitcoin poker sites launched this year, all trying to take advantage of the rising value and popularity of bitcoin as a digital currency and emulate successful bitcoin poker sites, such as SwC Poker.

    2015 saw the launch of newcomers Get Lucky Poker, who are aiming to join the likes of SwC, Switch Poker, Win Poker and Betcoin Poker in facilitating bitcoin deposits. Players can use other additional forms of currency on Switch and Win Poker, while the SwC focuses solely on bitcoin.

    Get Lucky Poker, a site spearheaded by Michael ‘The Grinder’ Mizrachi, has been developed and licensed by Enterra Poker. They are based in Europe, and are not accepting poker players from a number of U.S. states like Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, and New York. The site has been firmly established thanks to efficient software and an attractive first deposit bonus for new customers.

    BitnPlay is another bitcoin poker site announced in 2015, founded by Andreas Anastasiades and Ilias Makropoulos-Lalaounis who both have experience in gaming and bitcoin. Although it was to come online on the 1st of February this year, this date came and went with no sign of an established website.

    What will set BitnPlay apart is the fact it doesn’t actually hold any of your money. You buy into games directly from your bitcoin wallet and when you cash out the money then goes back into your wallet. It will effectively be the first poker site to take full advantage of the peer-to-peer benefits of cryptocurrencies, as without any third-party, bitcoins can move straight from your bitcoin wallet, to the Bitnplay client, and then back again. That eliminates the need to deposit bitcoins onto the site to play. BitnPlay has not offially been opened for players, but it is hoped it will be online very soon.

    Bitcoin poker enthusiasts have welcomed the arrival of new sites to diversify the market and offer new option for players. It is hoped that these new bitcoin poker sites will gain a following of loyal players, but my remain dubious about the likelihood of players veering away from the more established sites like Betcoin and SwC. These bigger sites are dominating the bitcoin poker market, which may not be large enough to sustain anymore new additions.


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